[erlang-questions] QUestions about erlang

Samuel Rivas samuelrivas@REDACTED
Mon Nov 12 15:15:40 CET 2007


Well, a bit late response, but anyway :) ...

Yes, there is an Erlang community in Spain. In A Coruña (Galicia) there are
several researchers involved in the university and some companies doing
commercial developments. However, I would say that the important thing is the
whole picture, the international (mostly Swedish) community is great, and you
can find lots of information and support in this list or in the web
(www.erlang.org and www.trapexit.org).

About the "speed" of Erlang, as Ulf wrote, is probably enough for most of the
situations. Think that usually there are some concrete bottlenecks in one
system. For that you may need to optimise a bit, or even "outsource" to other
languages such as C, but for most of the logic in an application the bottleneck
is the time you spend on designing, coding, and testing them. For that Erlang
will help a lot.

Saludos :)

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