[erlang-questions] Book: Hardcore Erlang

jm jeffm@REDACTED
Sat Nov 10 00:36:40 CET 2007

Zvi wrote:
> I would like to see full real-life example of how to deploy OpenPoker on AWS
> (EC2, S3) and full life-cycle management of such a system:
> * initial deployment
> * monitoring and management
> * handling Mnesia persistence and distribution
> * hot code upgrades

I second this. There's a bit out there now on developing in erlang, but 
very little on deployment. May be a section entitled "Moving from 
development to deployment" covering such things as tightening things 
down, automated start up of the various components/application, node 
startup, getting it to play nice with unix startup scripts. Actually, on 
that note I've been thinking it might be useful to have a node start up 
script and separate application[1] start up scripts for a System V style 
startup, ie, to would look something like

  starting erlang node red...          ok
  starting erlang node blue...         ok
  starting app1 on node red...         ok
  starting app1 on node blue...        ok
  starting app2 on node red...         ok
  starting app3 on node blue..         ok

etc. This might make erlang integrate better with unix (on other OSes) 
and not appear so isolated/strange to the everyday system admin which 
would in turn make addoption easier by lowering the learning curve from 
the admin's perspective.

[1] By application here I mean a "macro-application" which may be made 
up of one or more erlang or "micro-" applications.


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