[erlang-questions] OTP & Global Names

Kevin A. Smith kevin@REDACTED
Thu Nov 8 04:16:36 CET 2007

I've been playing around with OTP a bit and have run into some  
behavior I'm not understanding.

I have two nodes running on my laptop, foo and bar. Node foo is a erl  
shell started with the -sname parameter. Node bar is also an erl shell  
but is started -sname and with a boot script for a very simple OTP  
application. The app starts two gen_servers, calc and cache. Cache is  
started with the tuple {local, ?SERVER}. I expect cache to only be  
visible directly on its node and it is.

On the other hand, calc is started with the tuple {global, ?SERVER}.  
I'd expect calc to be visible via global:registered_names() on node  
foo. Sadly for me, registered_names() returns an empty list. I've  
tested and verified basic networking between the two nodes via  
net_adm:ping() so I believe the nodes can see each other.

What have I missed? I can provide copies of my .rel and .app files if  
it would help diagnose the problem.


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