[erlang-questions] erlang and Kara

Jeremy Thurgood jerith@REDACTED
Wed Nov 7 16:37:31 CET 2007

Ulf Wiger (TN/EAB) wrote:
> twanvds@REDACTED wrote:
>> Hi Ulf,
>> Just "lieveheersbeestje" will do nicely.  The article "het" is not part of
>> the noun ;-)
> Thanks. So I've learned. (:
> I will blame the free online translator, but I guess you get
> what you pay for...
> Encouraged by a short lesson in Dutch grammar, I started
> trying to rip the word apart:
> lieve = "beloved"
> heers = "gentlemen"
> beest = "animal"
> je    = (diminutive)
> ...according to the free translator that led me astray the
> first time. Determined to waste even more time, I finally
> came across some explanation suggesting that "lieve heer"
> means "Sweet Lord", meaning "God". God's little bug, then?

The Afrikaans is very similar to the Dutch: lieweheersbesie

The translation is the same as well.


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