[erlang-questions] QUestions about erlang

Christian S chsu79@REDACTED
Wed Nov 7 09:16:26 CET 2007

2007/11/7, Giuseppe Luigi Punzi Ruiz <glpunzi@REDACTED>:
> Glade could be nice, but I can't find a Glade port to OSX.
> A spanish guy told me about ESDL, and I think this is the unique
> option as far as I can see.
> I need a stable UI and seems thath ESDL is the unique stable.

Isn't ESDL a bit low level? Lacking the concept of widgets and being a good
buddy in a desktop in terms of cut and paste, resizing windows and so on.

Joel Reymont have spent time thinking about how to connect erlang with
osx' gui. He might even have produced some code.

Is your point of sale terminal platform based on os x? I would have
thought that cheap tiny ARM computers running linux would be the most
budget:ish alternative (and thus GTK).

> > There is soon a number of web server alternatives popping up. Yaws is
> > the popular one so far, but I think that might change now that other
> > commercially used and tested web servers are going open source.
> Yes, but not all webservers accepts erlang.

I think I know what you mean. What we do is that we run the webserver
itself in Erlang. What I meant is that there are more all-erlang
webservers popping up now. Besides yaws (all erlang), you have
mochiweb (all erlang), plain old inets web server (all erlang), im
trying to make iserve handy (all erlang). And on top of this you have
multiple choices in template languages.

Another alternative would be to write a FastCGI server in erlang,
since apache and IIS seem to be capable of relaying requests via
FastCGI, as do the tiny über-optimized ones (nginx). FastCGI seem like
a sensible protocol.

PS. Have anyone implemented a FastCGI server? I see the {packet, fcgi}
protocol in gen_tcp, but not any code making use of it. Can it be used
for building a FastCGI server in erlang?

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