[erlang-questions] MochiWeb on Google Code

Matthew Dempsky matthew@REDACTED
Tue Nov 6 19:12:02 CET 2007

It's official: MochiWeb is now hosted on Google Code.  The source code
is available at http://code.google.com/p/mochiweb/ and the mailing
list at http://groups.google.com/group/mochiweb/.

If you haven't heard of MochiWeb, it's a HTTP library for writing
lightweight, high-performance web applications.  At Mochi Media, we
use it (along with egeoip and eswf---both on Google Code as well) to
power our MochiBot and MochiAds services, which each serve dynamically
generated Flash content to millions of users every day.  We also use
it extensively in our internal tools to provide interfaces for
non-Erlang applications.

Go check it out, do something awesome with it, and let us know. :-)

Matthew Dempsky

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