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Ulf Wiger (TN/EAB) ulf.wiger@REDACTED
Tue Nov 6 15:06:48 CET 2007

glpunzi@REDACTED wrote:
> Hi all
> My name is Giuseppe Luigi, and I write from Murcia, Spain.

Nice part of the world. I spent my honeymoon driving around
near Altea and once had the pleasure of celebrating San Juan
in Alicante. (:

> At the moment, we want start 2 new project (well, more projects,
 > but now this is the most important). One, will be a Point Of Sale
 > software, and the other a little app to connect to a MS Access
 > database for some maintenance tasks, and I have some questions.
> - Is erlang fast?

Most likely fast enough for this type of application.
If you connect to MS Access via ODBC, communication
cost is likely to be the dominating factor.

> - How is the persistence/database connection?

Erlang has a built-in persistent database which you
might find useful from time to time. But if your
primary target is MS Access, then the ODBC application
is probably what you want.


I'll let someone else account for experiences using
Erlang's ODBC with MS Access.

> - Is fully object oriented?

Yes. (:

Actually, you will find that Erlang follows other
modeling principles (concurrency-oriented programming
using a mostly functional language). It is by no means
less powerful than an OO language

I noted Christian's answer, so I will refer to his mail
on the next three:
> - What about graphical interface for the apps? and web frontend?
> - PocketPC, Palm support?
> - What about the community for support?

> - Spanish erlang-developers?

The ones I know of are Universidade da Coruña, and some
good people at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Then of course, there is LambdaStream:

Ulf W

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