[erlang-questions] Emacs Erlang-mode peculiarity

David Cabana drcabana@REDACTED
Sat Nov 3 19:44:01 CET 2007

I found the source of the problem, some distel configuration code I shared
across several machines.  Once I commented out these lines, all was well.

;; A number of the erlang-extended-mode key bindings are useful in the shell
;; (defconst distel-shell-keys
;;   '(("C-M-i"  erl-complete)
;;     ("M-?"    erl-complete)
;;     ("M-."     erl-find-source-under-point)
;;     ("M-,"     erl-find-source-unwind)
;;     ("M-*"     erl-find-source-unwind)
;;     )
;;   "Additional keys to bind when in Erlang shell.")

;; (add-hook 'erlang-shell-mode-hook
;;       (lambda ()
;;         ;; add some Distel bindings to the Erlang shell
;;         (dolist (spec distel-shell-keys)
;;          (define-key erlang-shell-mode-map (car spec) (cadr spec))))
;; )

When I get a chance I take a look at Lauri's suggestion, to see whether I
can fix the problem more gracefully. Thanks to everyone for your help.
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