[erlang-questions] source code

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Sat Nov 3 08:56:55 CET 2007

Anders > > There is currently no public repository for erlang. 
Anders > > The development is done internally in Ericsson

Dennis > Are there any plans to change this?  Currently I am not 
Dennis > interested in changing the core, just Jinterface. 

>From the FAQ:

  | 3.7. Is there a public CVS server for Erlang?
  | The Jungerl is a public CVS server which provides access to more than
  | fifty Erlang contributions, including an SSH client and the Erlang
  | wiki.
  | Apart from the Jungerl, there is a score of Erlang-based projects on
  | sourceforge.
  | The source to the VM and OTP libraries is currently not available from
  | a public CVS server. Since full source is freely downloadable, it
  | would be feasible for someone to maintain such a server and keep it in
  | sync with official releases from the OTP group. So far, nobody has
  | felt their need for CVS was large enough to justify the amount of work
  | required. The OTP group does not provide such a server because they
  | use clearcase for version control. Marrying clearcase with CVS is
  | not easy.

  | http://www.erlang.org/faq/faq.html

 > Also, how do we submit patches if we cannot run a diff on our work?  BTW, 
 > what is used for version control?

You run diff against whatever version you changed. And then you post
the patch on erlang-questions or erlang-bugs, the former in the case
of new development, the latter in the case of fixes. And then you
wait with the patience of a saint.


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