[erlang-questions] beginner: how: problems with starting an application that uses a utility application like stdlib

Torben Hoffmann torben.lehoff@REDACTED
Fri Nov 2 23:49:43 CET 2007


I have created my own little utility application util-0.1 which has simple
Erlang modules for doing logging (they are implemented as gen_event handlers
- nothing fancy).

I have an application my_app-0.1 which creates an event manager and then
uses the two modules from util-0.1 to do logging to either screen or file.

My problem is that I have to start util before I can start my_app like this:

1> application:start(util).
2> application:start(my_app).

When I do the simple thing it looks like this:
1> application:start(my_app)
{error, {not_started,util}}

To the best of my knowledge my util-0.1 application should be exactly like
stdlib, but I never get complaints about stdlib not being started when I
start something up.

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