[erlang-questions] Weblog post on Emacs/erlang-mode/Distel

Bill Clementson billclem@REDACTED
Wed May 30 18:46:26 CEST 2007

Erik Stenman <Erik.Stenman@REDACTED> writes:
> By the way, for some reason I can't get
>   (global-set-key "\C-." 'next-error)
>   (global-set-key "\C-," 'previous-error)
> to work in all emacs versions* I'm using, so I have to resort to:
>   (global-set-key (quote [67108910])  'next-error)     ;; C-.
>   (global-set-key (quote [67108908]) 'previous-error)  ;; C-,
> Any Emacs gurus out there with any ideas why this is so?
> * I'm at my game(windows) computer right now and don't have access to
> the emacs with problem but I think it was emacs 21.4. In emacs 22.x
> "\C-." works fine.

Oops, sorry about that - try the following instead:
(global-set-key [(control .)] 'next-error)
(global-set-key [(control ,)] 'previous-error)

Bill Clementson

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