[erlang-questions] Subtle behaviour of Erlang scheduler

Corrado Santoro csanto@REDACTED
Sat May 26 09:05:30 CEST 2007

Ulf Wiger (TN/EAB) wrote:
> BTW, where is it documented that 'high' and 'max'
> are strict priorities, and does this still hold
> true in an SMP environment (i.e. can one high
> priority process starve all normal priority 
> processes)? 
Indeed, this could be reasonable, IMHO, according to a "standard" 
priority system.

> The code server is a pretty heavy process to 
> run on a blocking priority. One way to address
> the problem would be to make all priorities 
> non-strict, right?
Or to think about a priority inheritance/ceiling system. If we think 
that a gen_server is something like an object and that a gen_server:call 
is something like a method call, it is reasonable to assume that a 
process receiving a message handles it running with the same priority of 
the sending process. That is, not only the receiving process uses the 
reductions left by the sending proces, but also its priority. This 
should definitively solve the problem by means of a state-of-art approach.

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