[erlang-questions] ErlyBird 0.11.2 released - An Erlang IDE based on NetBeans

Caoyuan dcaoyuan@REDACTED
Fri May 18 09:48:05 CEST 2007

I'm please to announce the release of ErlyBird 0.11.2, an Erlang IDE
based on NetBeans.

This is a bug-fix, stabilization release. Since I tightly modified
GSF/GLF modules of NetBeans, this release will only provide all-in-one
IDE package, which is in size of 14.8M.

To download, please go to:

To install:
1. Unzip erlybird-bin-0.11.2.zip to somewhere, for Windows user, execute
   'bin/erlybird.exe' for *nix user, 'bin/erlybird'.
2. Check/set your OTP path. From [Tools]->[Options], click on 'Miscellanous',
   then expand 'Erlang Installation', fill in the full path of your 'erl.exe'
   or 'erl' file. For instance: "C:/erl/bin/erl.exe"
3. The default -Xmx option for jvm is set to 256M, if you want to increase,
   open the config file of ErlyBird that is located at etc/erlybird.conf,
   set -J-Xmx in line of 'default_options'

The status of ErlyBird is still Alpha, feedback and bug reports are welcome.

- Indexing will skip too big files according to the max memeory. This
  avoids ErlyBird to hang when indexing.
- If erl/erl.exe is under the environment path, ErlyBird will try to set
  Erlang Installation path automatically.
- Including function args in completion suggestion.
- Various bugs fixes especially for stabilization.

For more information, please visit my blogs:

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