[erlang-questions] large objects in dets

Valentin Micic valentin@REDACTED
Thu May 10 10:05:38 CEST 2007

First a question: Is 2GB limit per file preserved even in 64-bit 

Than my 2c worth:

>   - should I hack dets?
IMHO:  NO. It's not worth while exercise. I suspect that DETS would be very 
slow in reading/writing BIG things. Secondly, you would not be able to do it 
in "chunks", but a whole thing at the time.

>   - should I "roll-my-own"
YES. It would make far more sense to place your big things into a normal 
file (i.e. one thing per file) and use DETS table as a catalog/index of 
things. But then, next question would be why DETS and not mnesia with 
disk-only (DETS) or disk table (ETS + DISK LOG). That way, you'll get far 
better control over your life.


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