[erlang-questions] start.boot files and $ROOT

Robert Raschke rrerlang@REDACTED
Wed May 9 18:21:36 CEST 2007


first off, thank you to Tobbe, who pointed me at a worked example of
using Yaws in an embedded fashion.  That has got me off the ground in
my playing about with Erlang apps.

I have reached the stage where I can create a release tar with the
applications together with the erts.  But now I am slightly stumped on
how to run this without going through a full Erlang install.  The
start.script file that got created by systools:make_script/2 uses the
magic $ROOT to point to the various applications.

Seeing that my tar file (created by systools:make_tar/2) contains the
erts, how can I persuade the system to boot my extracted tree of code?

I am doing all of this on Windows, which is potentially where I'm
going wrong ;-)

When I extract my tree and try to run it using "erts-5.5.4\bin\erl
-boot releases\0.1\start" anywhere, it tries to access the location
where I had initially installed the Erlang distribution.

Is there any way on Windows to override the ROOT?

One way, I'm guessing, is to set a 'variable' option to the
systools:make_script/2 and then use the -boot_var command line option.
But that seems quite clunky somehow.

Thanks for any pointers,

r dot raschke at tombob dot com

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