[erlang-questions] Syntax Highlighting for Erlang with Vim (was gedit)

Oscar Hellström oscar@REDACTED
Wed May 9 11:26:37 CEST 2007

Martin Ankerl wrote:
>>> These work just fine in erlide.
>> same in Vim
> multiline works for me too, but
> [$a, $\n, $", $1, $2].
> does not in my vim, both $\n and $" is a problem. Which version do you
> use? I have 7.0.164.

There are several vim packages out there. The syntax file that is 
bundled with vim is not very good. At least is was not at 6.X.

Take a look at:

Could not find Gaspar's package by a quick google.
I remember me and Gaspar discussing a merge of our packages, which has 
not happened yet.

Oscar Hellström, oscar@REDACTED
Erlang Training and Consulting

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