[erlang-questions] included_application vs. application vs. ensure_started()

Robert Raschke rrerlang@REDACTED
Fri May 4 16:02:19 CEST 2007


I'm looking into creating myself a release of a little Erlang program.
This uses Yaws to expose a web interface.  What are the
recommendations on how to assemble the applications?  Also what are
the tradeoffs between these three approaches?

1.  Use completely separate applications for yaws and myapp and have
    myapp call something like myapp:ensure_yaws_started/0 (which
    starts and configure yaws if needed) when it starts.

2.  Use the applications entry in the myapp.app file to list yaws and
    that "just" call yaws_api:setconf/2 in myapp.

3.  Use the included_applications in the myapp.app file to list yaws
    and then call yaws:start_embedded/3 inside myapp_supervisor.

Thanks for any advice,

r dot raschke at tombob dot com

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