[erlang-questions] eh yo, Erlang

Toby DiPasquale codeslinger@REDACTED
Wed May 2 06:25:06 CEST 2007


In the spirit of the recent interest in local Erlang action, I'm  
giving an
intro talk on Erlang to the Philadelphia Linux Users Group on June  
6th. If
anyone's going to be around for that, come on down. The info is here:


Most of it will be coming from the new Armstrong book, but I'm going  
to do
a small SMTP proxy before the talk so I can pepper it with some real- 
dev experience for the mostly non-FP audience.

If there's anyone interested in/using Erlang around Philly, hit this  
up and we can make some moves from there.

Toby DiPasquale

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