[erlang-questions] dependency on inets for string functions

Christophe Romain christophe.romain@REDACTED
Thu Mar 15 15:25:46 CET 2007

What can we say about common string functions ?

commonly used functions which are implemented in several places:
     - to_upper: inets builder snmp ubf
     - to_lower: inets diggo ibrowse megaco www_tools yaws
     - to_uppercase: ic
     - to_lowerchar: yaws
     - encode_base64: inets ibrowse
     - decode_base64: inets yaws

inets.http_util is by far the most used implementation.
well, to_upper and to_lower are really string related functions
encode_base64 and decode_base64 are MIME related functions

modules depending on inets for functions listed above:
  ibrowse jabberlang orcas pico smtp_client stl tsung xmerl yxa

Wouldn't it be nice to move that functions into stdlib.string ?

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