[erlang-questions] HiPE for Windows?

David Holz david_holz@REDACTED
Sat Dec 29 06:06:38 CET 2007

From: mikpe@REDACTED
> There are superior alternative platforms for servers (just about
> any *NIX-like OS), so I don't consider the lack of HiPE for Win32
> to be a critical problem.

Not everybody is writing server applications, and especially as Erlang gets more popular, demanding client/workstation applications will continue to come out.

BTW, in some hypothetical dreamland, how difficult is it to add another architecture back end to HiPE?  I'm thinking a LLVM backend would pretty much be the last one anybody would need to write.  Of course, you still have OS issues to deal with like the stack invasion in Windows, but you wouldn't have to worry about the CPU-specific codegen anymore, and would get tons of mature optimizations even on architectures that HiPE already supports.  The whole reinventing wheel thing, etc.
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