[erlang-questions] HiPE for Windows?

David King dking@REDACTED
Wed Dec 26 19:49:40 CET 2007

> There is benchmarks somewhere, compared HiPE and beam code. According
> its, beam code sometimes works faster than HiPE.
> Probably you must see on erlang drivers (written in C) for speed  
> increasing.

Sometimes BEAM does run faster than HiPE, but there are definitely  
cases where HiPE is faster.

You'll of course have to benchmark your particular code before drawing  
conclusions for it.

> On 26/12/2007, Frank <ft27h@REDACTED> wrote:
>> Hey all
>> I am new to Erlang, but already i am very very impressed with the  
>> language!
>> Currently i am writing programs for evaluating genetic algorithms,  
>> and
>> performance is everything. I have found that Erlang is a bit slower  
>> in
>> specific areas compared to f.ex. C++ or C# with specialised, custom
>> datastructures. This is not a problem as such since distributed  
>> applications
>> are (very) easy to write in Erlang.
>> But i have been looking around for information about High  
>> Performace Erlang
>> (HiPE) for windows... does anyone know if, and perhaps when, that  
>> will be
>> released?
>> Best regards, and happy holidays
>> Frank
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