[erlang-questions] Amazon AWS SimpleDB based on erlang now in beta

Jim Larson jim@REDACTED
Sun Dec 23 23:46:34 CET 2007

In message <235408.4321197877018496.JavaMail.root@REDACTED>
Tom Samplonius writes:
>  I don't know where people are getting "large datasets" from.  Amazon says:
>"Amazon SimpleDB is designed to store relatively small amounts of data and is 
>optimized for fast data access and flexibility in how that data is expressed."
>So "relatively small amounts of data".

This refers to the data (attributes/values) in a particular item.
You can have a large amount of data, total, in a domain (10 GB currently,
and much, much larger eventually), and you can also have your data
spread across multiple domains, though at the hassle of multiplexing
your own cross-domain queries.

Jim Larson

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