[erlang-questions] Amazon AWS SimpleDB based on erlang now in beta

Jim Larson jim@REDACTED
Sun Dec 23 23:47:38 CET 2007

In message <47626D5C.7040507@REDACTED> you write:
>I was wondering if anyone has tried this or if now that it is out if any of 
>the team who created can give us some insights (for example how big is "large 
>data sets", etc):

I've been off the team for three months now, so my information isn't
fresh, and in any event I can't say much more than what's in the
Amazon press release.  I will note that everyone seems to understand
the right usage model - put your bulk data in S3 and indexable
metadata in SimpleDB.

I've seen a few blog entries stating disappointment that SimpleDB
doesn't have full text search capabilities, which completely
misunderstands the abstraction level that SimpleDB is working at.
One could build an appropriate full text search facility on top of
SimpleDB, with SimpleDB storing the inverted index.  For any serious
use you'd want application-specific logic in your search anyhow,
so you're not missing much by not having it built-in.

Jim Larson

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