[erlang-questions] ann: WOOPER 0.2 released, lightweight OOP with Erlang

Olivier Boudeville olivier.boudeville@REDACTED
Fri Dec 21 17:47:01 CET 2007


a new version of WOOPER (Wrapper for OOP in Erlang) has been released.
It should be more convenient to develop with, more robust and a bit faster.

WOOPER is an open source lightweight layer on top of the Erlang language
offering constructs dedicated to Object-Oriented Programming, including
classes, instances, methods (requests or oneways), life-cycle management
(new/new_link/delete), multiple inheritance, polymorphism, state
management, etc., with some efforts to preserve overall performances
(hashtable-based virtual tables).

All documentation, sources and full examples are available here :

Any constructive feedback would be appreciated!


Olivier Boudeville.

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