[erlang-questions] How to track down R12B stability problems under Windows?

Kenneth Lundin kenneth.lundin@REDACTED
Wed Dec 19 16:34:03 CET 2007


We have identified the cause of your problem.
There is a bug (on all platforms) which comes to effect during
the following circumstances:

You have an Erlang module containing calls to the new guard-BIF's
byte_size/1 or bit_size/1.
You perform tracing on that module (eprof uses tracing)
You reload that module (the c/1 function usually used to compile
from the shell also performs a load of the module if it compiled
successfully and
it is during that load you get the crash.

We found the bug ourselves before you reported your problems and
the bug is corrected in the latest snapshots available.

We are also planning to make snapshots of the prebuilt binary Windows
installation (including debug symbols). (Will happen real soon, within

/Kenneth Erlang/OTP team , Ericsson AB

On 12/14/07, James Hague <james.hague@REDACTED> wrote:
> These days I'm mostly using Erlang on my trusty Mac Book, but I still
> use it now and again under Windows.
> Last night I installed R12B on my Windows XP SP2 machine at home.  I
> recompiled the modules I was interested in and tested some image
> decoding code I wrote a few years ago.  It more or less went like
> this:
> compile a module
> run some tests
> compile the same module
> CRASH: Visual C++ runtime library error
> restart werl
> run some tests
> compile the same module
> CRASH: Visual C++ runtime library error
> The crash was always during a compile, but not every time.  How can I
> track this down?
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