[erlang-questions] Memory usage by Mnesia growing to fast and it seems very strange

Dmitriy Gorbenko bazil@REDACTED
Mon Dec 17 15:07:29 CET 2007

I should say, that "second" test (write_test.erl) writes all time into
the same place in mnesia table, so table isn't grow.

Dmitriy Gorbenko wrote:
> Hi all.
> Well, I have two .erl files, which makes Mnesia allocating a lot of
> memory and vary fast.
> What they are doing ? First file wrote to Mnesia table some values, and
> then into loop tries to read this value.
> Second file only writes to mnesia table in loop, and nothing else.
> You can find in this two test ties to use flags like "fullsweep_after",
> but they also did not help - memory continue constantly growing.
> So, If anyone knows why those test produces so much memory usage, please
> - reply me.
> Inside the files, you can find small readme, how to run them.
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