[erlang-questions] RamSan and the EveOnline architecture

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Mon Dec 17 15:01:52 CET 2007

FusionIO 80GB card costs 2k$US, cca. 100K IOps.

Joel Reymont wrote:
> "EVE Online is the world's largest game universe with over 75,000  
> dedicated subscribers who play this Massively Multiplayer Online Role- 
> playing Game (MMORPG) in a single, connected environment."
> "Players connect to the game servers via the Internet and interact in  
> real time with other players worldwide. EVE Online is truly a massive  
> multiplayer game, where all 75,000 plus subscribers inhabit the same  
> game world, not split into smaller limited groups or "shards".
> http://myeve.eve-online.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=286
> Among other interesting things:
> "Our SQL problems were essentially exterminated recently when we got  
> our RAMSAN-400"
> The problem:
> "The EVE Online application software was running fast and scaling well  
> to accommodate tens of thousands of simultaneous users with its 150  
> IBM servers. However, the system's storage was being overwhelmed with  
> huge amounts of small data requests. Ideal RAID Storage performance is  
> achieved when the requested data blocks are large; conversely, RAID  
> Storage performance is greatly reduced when requested data blocks are  
> small. Typical disk access times are 2-5 milliseconds and what was  
> needed was a faster disk access time of 20-50 microseconds."
> And the solution:
> "The RamSan-400 delivers 400,000 I/Os per second, has 3,000 MB of  
> internal bandwidth with latency of less than 15 microseconds. "We did  
> consider upgrading to faster disks, but the specs for the RamSan were  
> so insane that we had to look into it", said Jörundur Matthíasson,  
> Database Manager for CCP Games."
> "EVE Online's underlying storage bottleneck is a classic problem with  
> Online Transaction Processing. 10,000+ users accessing account  
> information, warping across the galaxy, buying goods from black-market  
> free-lance smugglers and upgrading their mining frigates to assault  
> cruisers all at the same time puts immense stress on disk-based  
> storage. The game makes 60 million process calls per day with around  
> 1,250 transactions per second at peak hours. The RamSan-400, based on  
> solid-state disk (SSD) technology, is ideal for applications that have  
> massive amounts of transactions randomly distributed across the  
> storage media. Where disks are limited by how fast a platter can spin,  
> SSD uses memory chips to read and write data. Transactions run as fast  
> as the server can issue, and are not bottlenecked by grinding disk  
> heads."
> And the RamSan article:
> http://www.superssd.com/success/ccpgames.htm
> Mnesia on a RamSan anyone?
> 	Thanks, Joel
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