[erlang-questions] Some startup questions

SG speedguy@REDACTED
Mon Dec 17 00:10:19 CET 2007

Hi all,

I have just been exploring couple of weeks in Erlang, and found it
quite exciting. To enhance my skills, I decided to implement a
protocol in Erlang.

Now I am in architecture design phase and would not like to make
mistakes at this stage :)

I do understand there are already some great Erlang implementations,
so if someone can point me to

(1) Architecture design document of some open systems implemented in
Erlang, which I can use as guidance. I have understood that Open Poker
has been in Erlang. Could I find its design document somewhere?

(2) I do want to make my system "High Available" as well as
"Distributed", so that extra hardware can be added. I.e. I would like
my SW to run on a HW Rack, where extra blades can be added in future.
Probably this is something similar to what Ericsson switches may
already be using?

My question is, is it possible to find "design guidelines" for
building such applications.

Of course I am reading Joe's Erlang's book, but would be very much
interested to look the design of some of proven Erlang

Thanks :)


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