[erlang-questions] idea: endianess in interoperability tutorials

Lev Walkin vlm@REDACTED
Fri Dec 14 13:36:42 CET 2007

Samuel Rivas wrote:
> Hi,
> Interoperability tutorials examples use non-portable code to read message length
> with erl_interface. For example:
>   len = (buf[0] << 8) | buf[1];
> works only on little-endian platforms.

This is not true.

> I suggest a minor patch that make them a bit more portable. It might be good
> idea to apply it in the documentation, I have found the original code copy-pasted in
> several places (luckily running on x86 computers).

There is no problem with endianness in that code. Perhaps
you meant something more involving than that?

Lev Walkin

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