[erlang-questions] idle speculation: Ericsson Erlang vision/strategy

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Wed Dec 12 14:07:34 CET 2007

Andreas Hillqvist writes:

 > Telecom is moving towards Long Term Evolution(LTE), where an aimed to
 > is to be an all-IP network.

In the 90s, "everyone" was sure that ATM was going to take over the
world. Operators wrote puffy press releases about their migration to a
unified all-ATM network. Will the current press releases about
migration to all-IP networks seem just as naive in a few years?

Sometimes, new technologies really do win. Ethernet has pretty much
obliterated everything else, including ethernet. (When was the last
time your ethernet needed to avoid a collision? Got any coax?)

Other times, sure hits go mostly nowhere. ISDN 2B+D springs to mind.

Often, success is partial. Optical fiber has taken over the backbone
but fallen victim to 'impossibly' high data rates over copper beyond.

Erlang has a strong track record in the sort of complex control and
protocol translation problems that pop up whenever you move to the
latest "next big thing" from the previous "next big thing".


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