[erlang-questions] clarify: Ericsson Erlang vision/strategy

Andreas Hillqvist andreas.hillqvist@REDACTED
Tue Dec 11 17:19:57 CET 2007

As far as I know, currently Ericsson maintain and develops Erlang/OTP.
They have employee professional people that get payed to maintain and
develops Erlang/OTP.
But is there a risk that Erlang/OTP will be drooped in the future?
If Ericsson's would drooped Erlang would the Erlang community sustain
the quality of maintains and development of Erlang/OTP?

The reason why I am asking this is because of Jimmy Nilsson's blog.
    Jimmy Nilsson's blog - Erlang, take 2
    "... since even Ericsson, the company where Erlang was developed,
     decided to go another route after a while."

I have also heard the story/rumor of the management at Ericsson baned
the use of Erlang in new products. But dose this apply today?
Has not Erlang/OTP been part of Ericsson's success for core network
products, outperforming competitors?

Telecom is moving towards Long Term Evolution(LTE), where an aimed to
is to be an all-IP network.
How dose an Erlang/OTP IP switching product stack up against Cisco C++
(or what they are using) product?

Is Erlang/OTP the natural/best choice to develop core network products
for LTE or will Ericsson have to adapt and move away from Erlang?

I believe in Erlang/OTP. I believe that Erlang/OTP has an big
advantage now when we are moving towards SMP, because that Erlang is
Erlang/OTP is also a mature platform that has proven to survive in the past.

But I would appreciate your point of view.

Andreas Hillqvist

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