[erlang-questions] What FFI to use for new code

Kenneth Lundin kenneth.lundin@REDACTED
Tue Dec 11 13:55:01 CET 2007

Hi Joel,

I think you should base your book on what available and stable NOW.
I think there are for sure enough interesting things to write about
already even if one always have wishes for more.

If you want to describe the mac Cocoa bridge you are developing please base
that development on things that actually are part of the Erlang/OTP distribution
or well established other open source packages.
For example I know that you don't like XMERL but I think you should use it
anyway because it is so much easier for people to try things out if they
can get everything they need from as few places as possible.
We already use XMERL in products so we know that it works. In most cases
there are other bottlenecks than the speed of XML-parsing.
We will improve XMERL and XML handling in general so when you have the
book finished the situation will probably be different from what it is

I don't think it would be beneficial for the popularity of Erlang if the book
contains a multitude of other solutions for functions that already is available
in the Erlang/OTP distribution.

It would be better if you gave us feedback so that we can improve the
current distribution instead.

/Kenneth Erlang/OTP team , Ericsson AB

On 12/11/07, Joel Reymont <joelr1@REDACTED> wrote:
> I'm struggling to write the "C interface" chapter of my book. I would
> like to write the Mac Cocoa bridge since it would cover XML processing
> and maybe even a GUI chapter as well. I specifically want to write a
> linked-in driver.
> The main reason why I'm struggling is that I find the current linked-
> in driver interface ... umm... very difficult to deal with. I don't
> find the Erlang Driver Toolkit (EDTK) [1] or even Dryverl [2] to be a
> great alternative.
> Would it be reasonable to use the EEP for the Erlang FFI given that
> the book won't come out for a few months?
>        Thanks, Joel
> [1] http://www.snookles.com/erlang/edtk/
> [2] http://dryverl.objectweb.org/
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