[erlang-questions] clarify: variable as function name

Lovei Laszlo lovei@REDACTED
Mon Dec 10 11:24:50 CET 2007

Hi all!

A quote from the reference manual:

   6.6 Function Calls


   ExprM should evaluate to a module name and ExprF to a function name
   or a fun.
   The module name can be omitted, if ExprF evaluates to the name of a
   local function, an imported function, or an auto-imported BIF.

This means that the following code is valid (F evaluates to a local
function name):

   f() -> ok.
   g() -> F=f, F().

In practice, this aborts with the reason badfun. The question is, which
one is considered good: the manual, or the implementation?


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