[erlang-questions] megaco_simple_mgc - Examples of Connecting to Media?

Tom Deckert tdeckert@REDACTED
Mon Dec 10 08:27:10 CET 2007


I have been googling and surfing www.erlang.org, and the other Erlang web sites,
but without finding what I need.

I have found the Erlang megaco package, and the very highly instructive
megaco_simple_mgc and megaco_simple_mg programs.  From the Megaco/H.248
manual, I've been able to run them and get good connections between them.

As I am new to both Erlang and Megaco, though, I hit a bit of a snag when
it comes to establishing actual media Contexts/Terminations, etc....
The Megaco manual is excellent in what it covers, but when I read the 
interfaces for the megaco modules, it isn't readily apparent how to map them
into the H.248 commands Add/Modify/Subtract in section 7 of the ITU standard.

In other word, it seems (to me) that the Megaco manual shows how to run
and connect the MGC and MG, but doesn't actually show how to setup media.

Does anyone have tips or a pointer to further documents on actual 
creation of Contexts and Adding/Modifying/Subtracting Terminations 
from Contexts using the Megaco Erlang module?

Thanks very much,
Tom Deckert
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