[erlang-questions] PostgreSQL driver

Daniel Caune daniel.caune@REDACTED
Wed Dec 5 15:01:11 CET 2007

>Shouldn't mysql also be considered together?  So erlang can get closer >toward having a general sql database interface like other languages.  Not
>to pile on scope or anything :) 

That sounds like a good idea!  When we started our project in my company, we didn't really know which RDBMS and which database driver we would have to use in production (PostgreSQL or MySQL, ODBC ANSI vs. ODBC Unicode vs. pgsql vs. etc.).  We wrote a really (too) simple driver abstraction that we called EDBC for Erlang DataBase Connectivity and we were able to plug PostgreSQL ODBC OTP layer and pgsql driver.

Now, if Erlang experienced people want to take the lead on implementing a serious database connectivity version, I will follow and help.


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