[erlang-questions] Ets and Postgres

Dragan Zubac zubac@REDACTED
Tue Dec 4 14:34:26 CET 2007


Postgres table for example:

article   user    price   where_to_ship
ball        petar  4          London
shoe     petar   5           New York
ball        jane    4          New York
shoe     jane    5           Paris

Table guarantee that article+user is unique. The idea is to split this 
table and insert data into ets for price and where_to_ship lookup. What 
about to split data in the following way:

key = article_user,value = price_where_to_ship

and insert that data combination into ets table ? So if user Petar wants 
to buy ball for example,we'll make lookup for key='ball_petar',will get 
back value='4_London',parse the value to get price='4' and 
where_to_ship='London' ?

Or to make some additional ets tables and make some kind of relations 
between them to achieve uniqueness ?

Anybody  had some similar experiences  ?



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