[erlang-questions] sending data down the wire in mysql vs. mnesia

Ulf Wiger ulf@REDACTED
Sun Dec 2 14:49:11 CET 2007

2007/12/1, Paul Mineiro <paul-trapexit@REDACTED>:
> With a fragmented MySQL table, I can execute a stored procedure
> on each MySQL fragment, and the reduce the collection of results in the
> client.  The only thing that travels over the wire is the collection of
> results, one for each fragment.
> I'm looking for something similar from Mnesia.  Erlang has all the
> building blocks to put it together (so I have), but I can see an
> opportunity to come up with something standard within Mnesia which is
> reasonably general and would return me to a more location-transparent
> style of programming.

You can modify mnesia_frag and tell mnesia to use your version instead
of the default. How to do this is documented in mnesia. The downside is
of course that you'd have to duplicate/maintain a whole bunch of other logic
as well, just to make this small change, but in the process of doing this,
you may arrive at some suggestion on how to make this parameterizable.

Ulf W

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