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Ryan Rawson ryanobjc@REDACTED
Sun Aug 26 23:18:44 CEST 2007

You're confusing the issues. Green threads is orthogonal to the  
performance of CPU bound computations. As a matter of fact, erl spawns  
a thread for each CPU and extra for certain blocking io operations.

I'd be more worried about the bytecode and lack of compact data  

Of course, this is all wild speculation. Why not do some tests?


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On Aug 26, 2007, at 1:03 PM, shahzad bhatti <bhatti_shahzad@REDACTED>  

> I am looking at Erlang lately and like the support for distributed  
> and concurrent applications. However, I have a question regarding  
> kind of applications that Erlang is best suited for. Since, Erlang  
> uses green threads for user processes (though it has SMP support), I  
> am not sure if it is well suited for CPU intensive applications as  
> opposd to I/O bound applications. For example, I have a system that  
> calculates shortest path for a very large network and I would like  
> to use distributed Erlang to divide the problem (using Google like  
> map-reduce) and create a number of processes per node to calculate  
> the shortest path for smaller network. From prior experience, I have  
> found that for CPU bound applications work best when the number of  
> threads is roughly equal to number of cores/CPUs, and I am concerned  
> about excessive context switching and cache misses. Can someone  
> share their Erlang experience with CPU bound problems.
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