[erlang-questions] Spanking new neophyte seeks guidance

Michael Campbell michael.campbell@REDACTED
Fri Aug 24 01:44:42 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if someone might point me in the right direction.  I'm
a professional developer and have a pretty solid, albeit imperative
background for the last 20 or so years.  I have long wanted to get my
head around functional programming, and have picked up Erlang
recently; as in about a week ago.

I don't quite know /why/, but for some reason this language has really
excited me.  Haven't felt this way about a language in a long time
(year and language left as an exercise for the reader).

I'm reading Joe's "Programming Erlang" book, and am slowly picking up
the syntax, and TRYING to get the idioms.  I hope that will come with
use and practice.  Ok, so, I'm reading that book, trapexit, any blogs
I can find, looking at code samples, etc.  What I was wondering is if
there were any canonical types of exercises, or tutorials with
exercises, etc. that will help me along this journey?

And lastly, I'll inevitably have really, really basic questions I'm
sure.  Is this the place for those, or if not, where?



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