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Roberto Saccon rsaccon@REDACTED
Thu Aug 2 16:58:55 CEST 2007

well, the bad experience at that time was specific to a particular
combination of OS, gcc, compiler settings, XEN and OTP version (which
I don't remember).

For just trying out things, Amazon EC2 is by far the cheapest, because
you can turn it off when you are not "trying out" things, and you only
get billed (by the hour) when it is running.

On 8/2/07, Ludovic Coquelle <lcoquelle@REDACTED> wrote:
> Anyone has experiences to share about using Erlang in VPS?
> In the following blogpost Roberto wrote about some problems with Erlang
> running in Xen; Yariv said he had no problem with Virtuozzo. Any comment?
> experience?
> http://yarivsblog.com/articles/2006/08/17/options-for-erlang-webapp-hosting/
> Also, another question a bit off-topic of erlang-question, but that could
> interest many Erlang users:
> I'm interested in a cheap VPS hosting, to try out some of the great Erlang
> applications in the real world (I mean internet :) ). Those 2 hosting
> providers have been listed by Erlang users:
>  http://www.jaguarpc.com
> http://tektonic.net
> Again, same question: any comment, any other good experience with those or
> other providers?
> Thanks
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