[erlang-questions] process dictionary, anyone?

Tony Rogvall tony@REDACTED
Mon Apr 30 08:17:56 CEST 2007

Hi !

I think most of us has used put/get at some point.
It will ALWAYS hit you back. You will spend hours trying to locate  
the place
where things went wrong. I do use put/get and I think you will too.
But it's NOT a great little hack it's a disease.

Happy hacking


On 30 apr 2007, at 00.53, Bob Ippolito wrote:

> You can represent any non-functional construct with message passing. A
> side-effect is a side-effect... Erlang is clearly a hybrid language,
> but it has a very useful subset that is purely functional. Much of
> what I've read in the standard library is written in that purely
> functional subset, and the syntax and features of the language/VM seem
> like they're designed to encourage and support mostly that subset.
> Using the process dictionary is a great little hack that saves you
> from refactoring a bunch of code to include an extra state variable...
> -bob

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