[erlang-questions] Memory management

Mazen Harake mazen@REDACTED
Thu Apr 26 18:46:54 CEST 2007

Are the incoming calls casts or calls? (or both?)

Maybe a stupid thing to ask but from your example you are using the
cast/info callbacks.. maybe you're not catching all the calls? or maybe
replying {noreply, State} to them as well :)

Ladislav Lenart wrote:
> James Hague wrote:
>> Two possibilities come to mind.
>> The first is that a process is getting flooded with messages that it
>> isn't handling, so they sit in the mailbox until the process gets
>> killed.  Almost every time I've seen memory usage spike, it's because
>> of mailbox size.
> This should not be our case because we use standard behaviors for all
> our processes (mostly gen_servers). A gen_server reads any incoming
> request from the mailbox and passes it to handle_xxx CB function which
> ends with handle_xxx(_, State) -> {noreply, State}.
>> The other possibility is that you've got a process which creates large
>> binaries over a short period of time.  Binaries are outside the
>> process heap, so it's possible to rapidly fill up memory  with
>> binaries before GC kicks in.
> We do not use binaries at all in our app.
> Ladislav Lenart
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