[erlang-questions] Working(!) Re: ODBC and x64

Ingela Anderton Andin ingela@REDACTED
Mon Apr 23 10:44:34 CEST 2007

> Sorry for the noise.  I'm not that experienced with Autoconf.  The oddc32
> and nptl thread failures were red herrings - they were not the cause of
> the problem.  In fact, the state of the system is the same as back in May
> 2006 in that ODBC on 64 bits is explicitly blocked, but compiles (I have
> not yet tested it, apart from making a successful connection a known DSN)
> if you remove the block.
> The block location is in otp_src_R11B-4/lib/odbc/c_src/Makefile and can be
> removed by simply commenting out the test:
> #ifneq ($(BITS64),yes)
> EI_LIB = -lerl_interface -lei
> UNIX_TARGET = $(BIN_DIR)/odbcserver
> #endif
> That file is generated by configure, so the build process, if you want to
> enable odbcserver, is:
> ./configure
> [edit lib/odbc/c_src/Makefile]
> make
> make install
> I would still appreciate feedback on whether this is going to work, what
> problems I might face, and when/if this will be officially supported.

As we do not have any paying customers that uses odbc on linux or 64 bit 
platforms such issues do not have topmost priority. The main reason for 
disabling the odbc build for 64 bit platforms is that we do not 
currently have a testing environment for 64 bit odbc and hence do not 
know if it will work or not.  We see no apparent  reasons it should not 
work, or relative easily could be made
to work,  but alas we do not have the means to make this a priority.  If 
someone interested in this
makes an effort to make it work and discovers needs for changes in 
configure or the code we
would consider patch suggestions , but even then it would not be 
officially supported until
we can make time to set up a test environment, (probably not any time 
soon) but as
long as it does not affect  the  ordinary  32 bit version or mess things 
up for our other applications
it could be accepted. 

I think there are some "native" database interfaces in jungerl but I 
know nothing about them, maybe it would be an alternative. Maybe running 
it as 32-bit application on the 64 bits environment is an alternative.

Regards Ingela - OTP team

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