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I have attached some code that I wrote a number of years ago.  I have
used it a ton, in a million projects, but it is a bit unclean in my
opinion.  So, while I stand behind its functionality I don't suggest you
use it as a model for style ;-) Though in defense of my Erlang coding
skills 6 years ago - it is not that bad.  

The application will automatically poll the cloud for new services your
application is interested in.  It will periodically ping a set of nodes
in order to make sure it never gets permanently separated from a cloud.
It has a callback function that will notify your application of any new
services that have appeared on the network.  The entire thing is edoc'd
so you can generate docs pretty easily.  

I have sent you a copy that is pre-built.  To build it yourself you can
download OTP Base from code.google.com/p/otp-base or Sinan from
code.google.com/p/sinan or you can just use erlc.

This project along with others will soon be available with the
generation two release of erlware.org which will include a community
code repository. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 


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I guess I'm trying to find Erlang services within a cloud of Erlang
The idea is this:
A network.
1-2 Erlang nodes acting as servers
A few client nodes.

When a client node comes online it should discover the server

Logan, Martin wrote:
> Are you trying to find Erlang services within a cloud of Erlang nodes
> do you want a way to handle pulling and keeping nodes in a cloud?
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> I have a vague memory of this topic appearing here before, but
> Suppose you have a network with multiple clients and 1+ servers. All
> being Erlang nodes, of course.
> Let's say, a new client appears on the network, or a client's/server's
> IP changes. How would you discover such a node?
> Or how would such a node discover others?
> Thank you
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