[erlang-questions] Blog article on our reasons for moving to erlang.

vijay chakravarthy vijay@REDACTED
Thu Apr 19 00:52:46 CEST 2007

Hi All,
We are a recent startup from the Bay Area that launched a service that tries
to bridge PowerPoint and Web 2.0,
making it easy to collaborate, distribute, and utilize PowerPoint in a group
context. We recently started blogging,
and some of our blog posts are going to be on why we chose Erlang in a
startup context.
We would love any thoughts/comments/feedback from Erlang users..

Our first blog post on this is entitled: From Python to Ruby on Rails to


In the next few weeks we plan to write up more articles, as well as release
some erlang code that
could (hopefully!) be useful to others.

I apologize if this is considered off-topic/advertising. Our intent here is
to help others realize that
Erlang is a source of competitive advantage to startups, especially in the
web 2.0 context
(concurrency for us is more important than latency).

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