[erlang-questions] Tracing frameworks

Mats Cronqvist mats.cronqvist@REDACTED
Tue Apr 17 09:53:52 CEST 2007

Vlad Dumitrescu wrote:
> Hi!
> I was looking at the available tracing tools and I am a little
> confused. I hope someone can shed some light on these questions.

   fwiw; at the AXD 301 a lot of people still use dbg. alas, we're trying to get 
away from it, basically because it's difficult/impossible to use safely. the 
in-house solution (snappily named sysRdbg) is pretty good. it looks like this;


   will trace for 3 seconds, or until 10 hits, on erlang:'++'/2, when the first 
arg is [].

   the output will look like this;

**sysRdbg stopped - 10 msgs**

(dpComServer is a process and {15,21,29,627411} is the timestamp).

  i've released a cleaned-up version named redbug on google code. see here for 
further details.


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