[erlang-questions] failover pattern

Torbjorn Tornkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Fri Apr 13 08:43:12 CEST 2007

Also, have a look at Klacke's posting here:



Garry Hodgson wrote:
> i'm looking at putting together a system that will include
> a/b pairs of machines for each major role, to allow for 
> failover between pairs.  starting to think about doing that
> in erlang, i can see that all the parts i need are present, 
> but i'm not sure if there are standard ways or best practices
> to putting this together.
> i expect that each pair of machines would have one of them
> globally registered with the role they play, and that they'd each
> link to the other so that they could assume that role as needed.
> maybe something like the "negotiation techniques" in the (old)
> erlang book.  but i get kind of mired down in the details.  i'm also
> not sure how this would interact with the supervisors/applications
> notions in OTP.
> can anyone provide some insight, maybe pointers to papers,
> tutorials, or code examples?
> thanks
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