[erlang-questions] inets services startup

Matthew O'Gorman mogorman@REDACTED
Fri Apr 6 15:28:28 CEST 2007

if only there were a public svn repo for people to maintain their own
branches of the code and get constant updates.... maybe this wouldn't
be as big of a problem.


On 4/6/07, Serge Aleynikov <serge@REDACTED> wrote:
> Julian Fondren wrote:
> > On 4/6/07, Serge <serge@REDACTED> wrote:
> >> Are there any more elegant ways of embedding inets and
> >> solving the described issue aside from patching the distribution?
> >
> > Why do you discard the solution of patching the distribution?
> > It's quite easy to do; you can even have your patched module
> > refuse to operate when other modules of its OTP application
> > change versions, as in a OTP upgrade.  Your patched module
> > can live in its own space and just get loaded favorably with
> > code:add_patha/1
> Frankly I already have far too many OTP matches to deal with.  Every
> time there's a new OTP version released it becomes time consuming to
> analyze changes and merge.  In fact I am very glad that the OTP team
> recently accepted our inet driver patches for SCTP support included in
> R11B-4 - those were the most painful patches to maintain outside of the OTP.
> The problem described in my last email sounds more like a flaw in inets
> functionality that likely needs to be fixed.  I may submit a patch but
> if there is a workaround I am inclined to use the later.
> Serge
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