[erlang-questions] http client and server: inets, ibrowse, yaws

Heinrich Venter heinrich@REDACTED
Thu Apr 5 08:05:36 CEST 2007

It has been said before that the inets HTTP suite is mainly used by Ericsson
to test other software with (Ingela Anderton 28 Nov 2005).  As such I don't
think it is intended for production use.

The last time I used the inets HTTP client, (2005) the difference between it
and ibrowse was that ibrowse worked with the servers I was connecting to,
and the inets client did not.


On the HTTP server side, unless you are making a VERY simple page I would
really recommend you go with yaws.  It gives you much more flexibility and
is easier to configure and embed.


The dependency you create is really not a big price to pay, and easy to


My 2c




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I am looking for advice about the inets standard modules of OTP for http

My first goal is to embed an HTTP client. I see a lot of applications using
'ibrowse' module. I would like to use inets only because it is in standard
otp (no dependency). Can anyone give a quick difference between the two? 

Also I need to embed an simple HTTP server and got the same problem with
using 'yaws' or inets 'httpd'. Furthermore I cannot figure out how to start
httpd without config file or root directory ... yaws is simplest to embed. 

Any advice or comment is welcome, thanks.

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