[erlang-questions] Erlang and Ada (and now Hume)

jm jeffm@REDACTED
Mon Apr 2 00:54:45 CEST 2007

Following this thread made me wonder if there was a functional
programming language suitable for hard real-time applications, the sort
of thing that Ada is normally used for, and, if not, why not. Searching
for "hard realtime functional programming language" I came across this paper


In which it lists the "Essential properties of real-time languages" as
determinacy, bounded time/space, asynchronicity, concurrency,
correctness, and adds periodic scheduling, and interrupts and polling.

They go on to discuss the different approaches taken in designing
real-time languages, either by adapting an existing general language or
by creating a domain specific language. Ada, SPARK Ada, Java, Erlang,
and a few less well known languages get mentioned. Before turning their
attention to why function language haven't seen much application in this
space before (mostly due to bounding space/time). Finally, they turn to
there own language Hume (http://www.hume-lang.org/).

Having only heard of this language in passing before I was wondering
what anyone out there knew and thought about it. There seems to be a few
examples on the website to do with hard real-time application, but as
yet I haven't had the time to look at the language in any detail. Anyone
 had some experience with Hume?


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